About us

About Spin Africa Limited

Spin Africa Limited is a dully vetted and registered company in Kenya. Spin Africa Limited is located in Muthaiga North Road, Melbourne Estate, Nairobi. Our aim is to provide modern state of art, environmental friendly, efficient hygiene, safe products and services for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

To provide quality cleaning and hygiene services and treat our clients with respect, honesty and integrity.
To offer outstanding cleaning and hservices within and across Africa.
Spin Africa means cleaning all round .Although it was started with a modest amount of capital, today Spin Africa Limited is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demands of the fast growing industries.

Our Technical Staff

We are supported by a strong management team comprising of people with relevant technical experience. Our technical staff are dully vetted by our hiring department and subjected to rigorous training in exemplary customer service and interpersonal relations. We strive to provide excellent hygiene and safety products to satisfy the challenging needs of our customers.

Identification cards

All spin Africa staff have identification cards and as such very easy to be identified. In addition to the above, we supply our clients with attendance sheet which our technical staff must sign at any given time that they are on duty. We also ensure our staffs are fully informed while on duty with clearly labeled uniforms.

Personnel staffing and machinery

Spin Africa boasts a personnel list 245; 2 Directors with diverse experience in the fields of marketing, communications, and finance and business development constitute the management board. The board meets once a week and more regularly when emergencies arise.

There are technicians and maintenance personnel on 24hrs standby at all times as a contingency for emergencies. The remaining staff constitutes subordinate and maintenance staff that complements their superiors in the field where necessary.

In order to effectively service our diverse client we have instituted various policies, structures and operations to achieve this end. Spin Africa has recently launched its integrated services website that offers real time interaction with our clients. In addition, our sales and service staff have undergone rigorous training to ensure that clients are catered for in a timely fashion.

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